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Strengthening Future Air Force Leaders Through Mentorship
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What Do You Mean by AFCOMA Cadet Programs?

Answer: Cadet programs are AFCOMA-sponsored activities that inspire youth and cadets to outstanding achievement and leadership through career orientation.


What Do You Do in the Cadet Programs?

Answer: Active-duty officers of AFCOMA or interested volunteers make virtual or in-person visits to AFROTC college campuses or AFJROTC high school campuses to speak to cadets on various mentoring topics.  


What Mentoring Topics Do You Discuss with Cadets During Your Campus Visits?

Answer: The mentoring sessions will offer a baseline orientation for specific career fields that would increase the interest of cadets as well as a supportive base for continued mentorship. Also, topics on leadership, financial management, officership, and first assignment expectations are also discussed with cadets.


Who Can Participate in the Program?

Answer: Active duty or retired officers at the grades of 0-1 to 0-10 and civilians at the grade of GS-9 to SES.


What Can I Expect If I Sign Up as a Speaker at a Campus Visit?

Answer: Expect to be away from your primary office duties up to two hours for virtual campus visits. An in-person visit could take up to four hours or more depending upon the location of the school. This may require that you take formal leave to participate on the visiting team.


How Many Visits Do You Plan to Make Each Year?

Answer: A minimum of three visits per academic year between January and April.


What College or High School Campuses Do You Normally Visit Each Year?

Answer: There is no standard other than campuses that welcome guests willing to mentor.


If I Wanted You to Visit My AFROTC Detachment, How Do I Make a Request?

Answer: Contact the VP, Cadet Programs at


How Do I Sign Up to be on a Visit Team?

Answer: Contact the VP, Cadet Programs at